Woodland Management Workshop

Woodland Management Workshop

Woodland Management Workshop

Landowners interested in learning more about managing their woodlands for wildlife should attend the Coverts Cooperator Training September 7 to 9 at Kehoe Conservation Camp in Castleton. This weekend retreat aims to educate landowners about woodland ecology, timber management and how to thoughtfully and purposely manage their woodlands to create better wildlife habitat. The name ‘Coverts’ comes from an old English word for cover or thicket used by wildlife for protection. The organization’s mission is to maintain and enhance diverse wildlife habitat and healthy ecosystems. After completing the program, participants become part of an active peer-to-peer network, sharing and implementing what they have learned. More than 700 people, known as Cooperators, have completed the program.

The intensive two-and-a half-day session features presentations by state and local experts in wildlife and forest management and Coverts alumni. In lectures, demonstrations and field tours, participants learn about topics such as wildlife and forest ecology, habitat management, invasive control and land conservation. “Many who participate are already involved in these issues and are looking for more information while others are just starting to learn about their woods,” noted Lisa Sausville, executive director. “That diversity creates a wonderful learning environment and gets at the heart of peer-to-peer networking.” Once trained, Cooperators become part of a statewide network connected through newsletters, field trips, reunions and workshops as part of a team working to spread the land stewardship ethic throughout Vermont.

If you love your woodlands, enjoy seeing birds and other wildlife, and want to learn how a healthy forest can enhance wildlife habitat as well as provide recreational and timber benefits then the Coverts Training is for you! “We’re looking for people who have a desire to make a difference for Vermont’s forests and wildlife,” notes Sausville. The training is essentially free. All materials, lodging, food and other expenses related to the training are covered. There is a $100 registration fee, refundable upon completion of the training. Visit vtcoverts.org for an application, or contact Lisa Sausville at [email protected] or 802-877-2777.


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